MOUAWAD-EDDE was born from a vision of a better future, one where structures and roads and buildings would be places where people interact, communicate and live securely. It is from this vision of works where the public and the end-users come first that we started and persevered, and more than a quarter of a century later,
MOUAWAD-EDDE is now one of the leading regional names in construction and project management whatever the scale or the end purpose of the work is.

We manage and execute the projects we handle with our clients in mind.
We did not want them deferring their dreams, posponing their visions, and seeing their hopes tarnished.

We realize that construction and project management are the two side of the same currency: Client satisfaction. We build projects as if they were our own, we handle them personally, and appropriate them as if they were ours for the entire duration of the contract. It is the materials used, and the budget controlled, the timeframe watched, and the energies channeled that makes the difference in making the project happen successfully.

We, at MOUAWAD-EDDE, take great pride in our previous accomplishments, in the diversity of the landmarks we have helped create. MOUAWAD-EDDE has undertaken every effort to be an international multi-disciplinary construction firm offering a wide range of services, while using the talents of the most competent of staff and the most up-to-date equipment. We renew our pledge to make every effort to make you reach your aims

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Mouawad-Edde has completed the construction of Qaissamani Dam which offers water to 27 villages in the Aley district.
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Mouawad-Edde has been awarded the project of garbage collection and transport in Baabda, Chouf and Aley districts. Our branding name is called Cityblu.
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